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This song is by Michelle Wright and appears on the album Shut Up and Kiss Me (2002).

My heart is haunted by things we never said
There's a distant craving that I'm still trying to forget
Am I drifting endlessly, am I moving to
A resolution of you and me
(Different than I ever thought it would be)

I feel you walkin' down the same road
I feel you all around me
I hear you, can you hear me
Is it too late to say
I'm so sorry
I'm so sorry

I still remember our once upon a time
My thoughts are stained with the faded words of a valentine
Will my heart ever be free like the free I knew
Living the love that was you and me
(Missing it's more than I thought it would be)

I'm far enough along
To know where I went wrong
And I'm not afraid to say
I'm not afraid to say


Written by:

Peter Zizzo

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