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Find It In New York

This song is by Michelle Wright and appears on the album Shut Up and Kiss Me (2002).

You've been talking all night long about your problems
You've been sleepless for a while
Seems like everything in your life is so rotten
You've forgotten how to smile

If you're not happy here with me
Baby go ahead and leave, please

Find it in New York, find it in the stars
Find it in a rusty genie bottle or the back seat of a car
Find it in your dreams, find it in a drug
If you can't find it in my love
Find it in New York

Maybe swim the ocean, leave the past behind you
Change the color of your hair
Take a journey to the Great Wall of China
Maybe you will find it there

I know you're searching for yourself
Looks like you need someone else
And I can't help

You don't need me anymore
So what are we still fighting for
There's the door

Find it in New York
Hope you find it
Find it in New York

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