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Please Come Back

This song is by Michelle Tumes and appears on the album Listen (1998).

I can't breathe, it's agony
Wondering where you are
Picture me on my knees
Have you run too far?
Can you hear, can you hear
The sound of my heart break
With each step you take?
Can you feel, can you feel me
When I say...

Please come back to me
I miss you, will you come to your senses?
Please come back to me
I await the day
When I prepare the feast
And I embrace you running to me

All I have, all I am
Is yours to find
You hide and seek, you think you're free
But you're wasting time
I can hear, I can hear
The sound of footsteps pounding
Regret resounding
I believe, I believe the hour is near

What would you give
For a ransomed heart?
Would it cost too much?
I'm telling you now
If you run to me
You will be free

You'll be running
You'll be running back to me
Please come back to me
Please come back to me

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