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Missing You

This song is by Michelle Tumes and appears on the album Center Of My Universe (2000).

All the while
You were wandering all around the world
There was I
It was a pleasure to see your peaceful smile
The beginning of a tender dream
Some things really are what they seem

I'm missing you, I have to say
That these tears inside won't go away
I love you now, I'm not afraid
To reveal those things I long to say
I'm missing you

There were times
I would sit all alone with the rain outside
Many times
I would pray that my letters would reach your heart
With words that travel over the seas
Thoughts that bring you nearer to me

Hope lives on like a summer's song
When I feel in my heart that I can't go on
You melt my soul like the winter's sun
Till all of these days and the years are gone

And I'm missing you

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