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​Un-Accepted Loser

This song is by Michelle McManus.

I do like to sing
I do like to be gay
I shouldn't hav won pop idol
But hey das ok

I smell disgusting
I have greasy hair
And nobody wants to be round me
And I don't think its fair

So what if I weigh like 600 pounds
So wot if when I walk my footsteps rumble the ground
So what if I have more chins then bekhams has pennys
I don't care wot you think, so now you have to tell me

I hate myself
I wish I wanst here
Might kill myself
'Cause I'm just not meant to be here
Back in Scotland
They hate me too
The only thing that keeps me going
Is somebody called You

But then you went away, just because of my thighs
I didn't no what to do, it really makes me sigh
So what if I'm a size 22, and she is a size 8
At least I have the courtesy to finish what's on my plate
My plate and your plate and wots in the pan
And wots in the cupboards, that's alowaus my plan
So what if I eat more than a bufalo
You don't like my looks, I'll tell you where to go