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Something In My Heart

This song is by Michel Legrand.

You took my love and I'm willing, there's no limit to the love I'm givin', the love I'm givin' ah oh hiyeah
There's no reason why we should be apart
Been searching for something out there we leave two lonely hearts, two lonely hearts.

Baby don't you know... we've gone to far to let it all end
I told you over and over again
How I feel inside, but if you gooo oh baby there's something you should knoooooooooow
Something you should knooooow (Something you should know)
There's something in my heart.

Something in my heart
Something in my heart
Oh it's got me hooked on you ha ha

Baby if we try things will get better hiyeah
No one can tell me different, we should be together

Baby don't you know
The changes I'm going through
You know ill never be the same
Your love has touched me so, there's no one to blame but youuuuuuuu ah
There's something you should knooooow
Something you should know
There's something in my heart

(Chrous 2x)

(Chorus repeat until fade)

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