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Love Can Break Your Heart

This song is by Michael McDonald and appears on the album Take It To Heart (1990).

(Paul Carrack And Michael McDonald)

With a future as bright as we see
We got to go in with our eyes open wide
For as good as love can be
I can't help being afraid in the back of my mind
For all the dreams we see come true
Girl there's one thing that can't be denied

Baby, we've got a long road ahead
We haven't even started yet
Which makes it easy to forget

Baby, love can break your heart
I know it will baby
Love can break your heart
That's just the other side of it
Love can break your heart
So give it all you can give
'cause nothing short of that will do
So it's gotta be worth it to me
It's gotta be worth it to you

I know we can read all the signs
But after all only time's gonna tell

Girl, I'm not afraid to take a chance
Put my heart into your hands
As long as we both understand

...that's gotta be good enough for me
Girl that's gotta be good enough for you

So it's gotta be worth it to me
It's gotta be worth it to you

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