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​Wild West Show

This song is by Michael Martin Murphey and appears on the album Swans Against The Sun (1976).

Warpaint and feathers
Ice cream and cake
Navajo blankets and poisonous snakes
Sharp shootin' cowgirls
On a trick riding spree-
It's the goldangest thing
That you ever did see!
Now all the kids holler
From the bandstand
For an autograph picture
Of a medicine man
When out comes Annie Oakley
With a pearl handled gun
They say she can outshoot

It's a Wild West Show
Everybody goes to the Wild West Show
Genuine buffalo at the Wild West Show
They got real buffalo at
The Wild West Show
Cowboys and Injuns
Must be makin' the news.
They're printing up a lot tickets
And they're writing reviews.
They're making a million dollars
But no one's to blame.
The critics don't like it
So everyone came.
They say in the papers
That they've got Sitting Bull,
And there just ain't no telling
What that Injun might pull!
So save up your money boys
And maybe we'll go
And maybe we'll stay
For the whole damn show!
Now Buffalo Bill comes out in real
Buckskin pants
He rides a white stallion
While the Indians dance!
And they whoop and they holler
And they shoot off their blanks!
(Ol' Bill must be laughing
All the way to the bank!)
Now it's just like the real thing
Although it ain't real,
The Indians play dead
(It's part of the deal)
The spectators ogle and stare
It's sweeping the country
It's gone nation wide!