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What I See

This song is by Michael Lowman.

It seems like the world has come undone
So much is said so little done
It's in the hands of you and me
To leave behind a legacy, a home for those to come

The politicians of this world don't own ya
They're breeding lies it's their disguised persona
Its up to you to make a choice
So go ahead and use your voice, the time to stand is now

There's still fields that cover up the pain
Where the children play
Still wars forced upon the man

I believe in what I see but not what I see today
There's got to be an easier way
If everyone agreed to peace and equality for all
It's not so hard to realise the truth
It's not so hard to empathise with you

I'm counting back the years till when
I last saw somebody hold a strangers hand
Its time we put the past aside and read between the lines
Its time we made way for change

I see children holding up the guns
They can barely lift the weight
Of the soldier they've become


Written by:

Michael Lowman

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