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There Is A Breeze (1973)Edit

Michael Johnson - There Is A Breeze

There Is A Breeze

  1. Pilot Me
  2. In Your Eyes
  3. There Is A Breeze
  4. See You Soon
  5. Old Folks
  6. Rooty Toot Toot For The Moon
  7. My Opening Farewell
  8. Got You Covered
  9. On The Road
  10. Study in E Minor
  11. Happier Days
  12. You've Got To Be Carefully Taught

For All You Mad Musicians (1975)Edit

Michael Johnson - For All You Mad Musicians

For All You Mad Musicians

  1. Troubled For You
  2. Cain's Blood
  3. Love/Sex
  4. The Good Life
  5. Gypsy In The Photograph
  6. Walk Me Round Your Garden
  7. Hello
  8. Goodbye
  9. May You Never
  10. Take My Body Home
  11. Poor Little Robin
  12. To Feel A Friend
  13. The Glory
  14. Here Comes The Sun

Ain't Dis Da Life (1977)Edit

Michael Johnson - Ain't Dis Da Life

Ain't Dis Da Life

  1. O.B. Glad
  2. Lucky Stars
  3. Movin' In The Same Circles
  4. Time Sweet Time
  5. Our Snowflake Dreams
  6. Ain't Dis Da Life
  7. Circle Of Fifths
  8. Chicken Road
  9. High On The Border
  10. Mr. Arthur's Place

The Michael Johnson Album (1978)Edit

Michael Johnson - The Michael Johnson Album

The Michael Johnson Album

  1. Sailing Without A Sail
  2. Foolish
  3. Dancin' Tonight
  4. Two In Love
  5. Ridin' In The Sky
  6. Bluer Than Blue
  7. Almost Like Being In Love
  8. Twenty-Five Words Or Less
  9. Gypsy Woman
  10. When You Come Home

Dialogue (1979)Edit

Michael Johnson - Dialogue


  1. This Night Won't Last Forever
  2. Let This Be A Lesson To You
  3. The Very First Time
  4. Drops Of Water
  5. I'll Always Love You
  6. Doors
  7. Blackmail
  8. She Put The Sad In All His Songs
  9. I Just Can't Say No To You
  10. Dialogue

You Can Call Me Blue (1980)Edit

Michael Johnson - You Can Call Me Blue

You Can Call Me Blue

  1. You Can Call Me Blue
  2. After You
  3. Savin' It Up
  4. You, You, You
  5. Blame It On The Rain
  6. Right Through The Heart
  7. Don't Ask Why
  8. Staying With It
  9. You Sure Fooled Me
  10. Empty Hearts

Home Free (1981)Edit

Michael Johnson - Home Free

Home Free

  1. You're Not Easy To Forget
  2. The Love She Found In Me
  3. Rosalee
  4. The Power (This Love Has Over Me)
  5. I Can't Get To You From Here
  6. Home Free
  7. Just One Look
  8. Love Me Like The Last Time
  9. Leave It Alone
  10. Let Me Go Back Home

Lifetime Guarantee (1983)Edit

Michael Johnson - Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

  1. There's A Love
  2. If You Can't Feel Love
  3. Lifetime Guarantee
  4. We Can Live On Love (Baby You're Just Like Me)
  5. I'm Gone
  6. Q.T.
  7. Temptation
  8. Who's That Look In Your Eye
  9. City Of The Angels
  10. I Still Love You

Wings (1986)Edit

Michael Johnson - Wings


  1. Gotta Learn To Love Without You
  2. It's Only Over For You
  3. That's What Your Love Does To Me
  4. Give Me Wings
  5. Hangin' On
  6. Ponies
  7. Magic Time
  8. True Love
  9. Cool Me In The River Of Love
  10. The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder

That's That (1988)Edit

Michael Johnson - That's That

That's That

  1. Roller Coaster Run (Up Too Slow, Down Too Fast)
  2. I Will Whisper Your Name
  3. Crying Shame
  4. It Must Be You
  5. That's That
  6. Oh Rosalee
  7. Too Soon To Tell
  8. Samson And Delilah
  9. The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder
  10. Diamond Dreams
  11. Some People's Lives

Michael Johnson (1992)Edit

Michael Johnson - Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

  1. Two Ships That Passed In The Moonlight
  2. Rich Like Me
  3. One Honest Tear
  4. This Ain't The Night To Be Me
  5. Mr. Sawyer/Mr. Finn
  6. Half The Moon
  7. Cheatin' On The Blues
  8. Company Man
  9. It Must Be You
  10. Bristlecone Pine

Departure (1995)Edit

Michael Johnson - Departure


  1. Old Fashioned Love
  2. Departure
  3. Miami Beach
  4. Distant Fire
  5. Worth The Trouble
  6. Dirty Hands And Dirty Faces
  7. Unconditionally
  8. Software
  9. She's Real
  10. Almost Free
  11. Cain's Blood
  12. Imogene

Other SongsEdit

  1. Whenever I Call You Friend
  2. Emilio
  3. Ghost In This House
  4. Jacques Cousteau
  5. Life's A Bitch

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