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This song is by Michael Gira.

Oxygen, amen
I cannot breathe again
Oxygen, come in
Burn my lungs, be my friend
Come in

Well it's hard to get air when your neck is a fist
And it's hard to walk a stair when your leg will not lift
It's hard to stay alive stuffed with cold clay inside
It's hard to control your own mind when there's nowhere left to hide

From the fact you can't breathe through a hole that is closed
From the panic now growing like an oily black smoke

Oxygen, please come in
I can see the blue sky
Just up ahead
But it's sticky and thick
And its true color
It is red

Hey there, dark man, now I drink from your bowl
Hey there, mister skull, I'm not scared of your call

Gonna go outside, I'll go out in the snow
Gonna rip off my skin, gonna burn up my clothes
Gonna read my own bones, I'll dance and I'll spin
I'll cut a clean hole through solid air, and I'll steal all the oxygen

And my father will guide me up a rope to the sky
With my mother beside me, my last breath will expire

Oxygen, oxygen
Amen, amen, I cannot breathe again

Bye old friend
I give up
Now I finally decide
I am free of your grip
I refuse to even try
I refuse to even try

I am free of your grip
I will not open these lips

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