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Venomous Harvest

This song is by Miasmal and appears on the album Tides of Omniscience (2016).

Plant my seeds, keep you weak
Harvesting your minds
Grower the scenery unfold

Promises of holistic grandeur
I never meant to keep
They're all living in squalor
Unknowing, unwilling to speak

This is the age of my becoming
These are the days life#s river dries

Sell you constant mind control
The poison has taken it's toll
I play these puppet strings
Raise and feed and clip your wings

Plant my seeds, keep you weak
The future is in my hands
The lifeline keeps twisting
Across the ravaged lands

Welcome to my feast
When starvation is your only other option
I am your god, your beast
Lick the plates of your destruction

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