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The Shifting of Stars

This song is by Miasmal and appears on the album Tides of Omniscience (2016).

The great departure
Fleeing these insane premises
The sad inscriptures
Like patterns in my flesh

Thoughts of carnage
Haunting me day and night
Standing on the edge of the ruins
Watching the stormclouds

To rise up from this private hell
Suffocate the demons, drive out, expel

Light the fuse
Pitch black
Turn the screws
The wheels keep on turning in the residues

Following the shifting of stars
Never got me this far
In my search for omniscience
I'm lost and scarred

Strengthen the threshold
It's now twisted burning mass
From the ashes new live will form
In a grieving flash

A rain of arrows
From every direction piercing me
Ghosts from past times
Whispering lies in my ears

For all that's lost

Never look back, on the make beliefs
No surrender, no debrief
Deconstruct their weaponry

A new day is dawning
With a bitter promise in the air
My mouth is dry like the deserts
Internal warfare

Clenching my fists, no reconcilement
Carrying on, don't look back
I will overcome this trial
Before I rest

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