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Key to Eternity

This song is by Miasmal and appears on the album Tides of Omniscience (2016).

I will travel
Through the ages of darkness in this machine
Of this all consuming madness
Trying to break in to my soul, my mind

I will dissipate
Beholding what is on the other side
Squandering the law of physics
The reality that I will leave behind

Break the chains, liberate
The key to eternity
Corrupt resistance, animate
Stand strong in the blinding light

I constructed
This inordinate machine all by myself
Bionic muscular machinery
Immortal cells multiply, rapidly evolving

Cyborgs taking over
Manic reckless consecrators of technology
These are the new ideals
Right or wrong, truth that never will be found

I will never walk the ground or swim the seas
I took off and left a trail of debris
Leaving you living in this mess
As the sun sets, I'll transgress

Embraced by space, this is my fate

Time has passed now
All my drams have come true
But I live in horror
In fear of the time I must pay my due

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