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Frozen in Time

This song is by Miasmal and appears on the album Cursed Redeemer (2014).

Armies of grief
Marching over endless plains
Looking, hunting for something lost

Faces of stone
Their minds are petrified
Searching for something forever gone

The cause that was forgotten
They are frozen in time

Their bodies, weak and rotten
Black holes for hearts

Lost within the evr-changing landscapes
They will never find their way
With profound determination
Fighting a war in vain

Endless, shapeless, there is no turning back
Force-fed, misted, forever on a dead end track
Endless, shapeless, broken weapons in muddy fields
Force-fed, in shreds, nothing more left to feel

And they wander on

All directions are wrong
And there are no maps left
Dark armies of betrayal
Their legacy is nothing

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