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Fear the New Flesh

This song is by Miasmal and appears on the album Tides of Omniscience (2016).

In the dark, they stand in silence
Remnants of forgotten crimes
Sorrowful, scorned symbols
Withered by woeful times

Soon it's time to wake again
Unleash the pent up wrath
The wrongdoings they suffered
When the world was new

Wake up from oblivion

The awakening is drawing near
The dust is falling of their shoulders
Voices join in songs of endless sorrow
The air is getting colder

Gusty winds growing in power
Smoke is flowing down the mountainside
The fumble is getting louder
The caskets are rattling in their graves

Fear the new flesh
The tides are turning
Fear the new flesh
The spirits of the old
Fear the new flesh
Their eyes are burning
Fear the new flesh
An everlasting flame

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