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This song is by Miasmal and appears on the album Tides of Omniscience (2016).

Forget, forgive I'm a loyal consumer
Erase, exhume my weak hesitation to
Regain, regrow the blissful confusion
Of my model state paradise, anachronistic set of lies

Heal - my self inflicted wounds
Shock my senses, fill the void with a mission
A promise of the greater good

Earthbound, unsound
When disaster strikes you'll have to
Dig deep for sympathy
Unveil, prevail
To keep your faith intact in the fallacy
You'll have to crawl

Delay, delude the insights of terror
Betray, bestow upon me my utmost failure, move
Onward, on sight shooting my shadow
Forevermore anæsthetic, atone for being unapologetic

Strike - with the great hammer of doom
Ring the bells of reckoning and requisitions
As the darkness falls over the lands

On the shores, the fires still burning
Faint whispering, prayers insane
The last remnants of a dying yearning
All is lost and all is in vain

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