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This song is by Miasmal and appears on the album Tides of Omniscience (2016).

Clutching at the clouds
On rusty ladders in the wind
Like the broken dna strings
From our failed attempt of deliverance

History enshrouds
The paths to the future, lost in the fog
Dreaming, grasping for straws
Will the darkest hour turn to dawn

A cry, a distant plea
From the seer at the summit, of the things to come
Petrified, we stand
Powering through the maniacal mantras one by one

Die through a bruning salvation
As the soul's wall crumbles
Soulseeker, minesweeper
Living in steel towers

Was there ever any magic to save us
Any hope to lean upon
Disillusioned paranoid formulas
Sickening sycophantic mindfuck

Ride the apocalypse, consume the explosion
Horizons are shattered, time stands still
With nefarious devotion, but without free will

Burning embers in your hands

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