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A Veiled Remembrance

This song is by Miasmal and appears on the album Cursed Redeemer (2014).

Supernova, follow me
To the edge of time, to the end of the world
Open up the passage to the depths
Watch the aeons fade

Tales of creation, of destruction
Tales of unspeakable loss
Forever mending the broken parts
Of what once was

The laments of grief, bound to resound
Into the eternities
Free fall destiny, a testament to
The inevitable

A veiled remembrance
Trusting no one
Keep on pushing
Until this pain is finally gone

I thrive in darkness
Feeding of fear and hate
If you see it it's already too fucking late

Bathe in the infernal light
Enter the new dimensions
Reshaping reality
Crushing my ambiguity

Resting in solitude, my work is done
From the abyss I wil lrise once again
The threshold has been passed
The limits have been broken
To this there is no end

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