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Idée Fixe

This song is by Methyl Ethel and appears on the album Oh Inhuman Spectacle (2015).

Eyes rolled back, we lash the runner
You called out to the summer soil and
It's not that we're barely oiled
You crawled back to whip the silence
I climbed up two dozen roses
Each one caught, like a Sunday soldier
Hair tied back, I've a tendency to lose it
Round the act, you lost your colour.

I fired up, was the forceful endue me
Each one line caught the first one soothing
Lies alike, I can rock a story
Children's eyes takes another toll on me
Wind falls back, in the sun's contusion
I call out, I cannot be foolish
I was right in the first of the cooling

Side wind up, where's the rest of the loose change?

Well I thought I found out, for the rest of the good age
Peace worn out, but to colour the tulip
Sides rise up for the ones who choose them
Each one bad, like the revolution knew this
And I liberate these things it's all it is
Yes I liberate these things, that I say.


Written by:

Jake Webb

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