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Accute Obliteration

This song is by Metanoia.

Pulsation elimination total annihilation
We the enemy we who shall suffer.
Our faith is in a higher source of power.
A power beyond description a power not insane.

Brainless distortion mindless perception accute obliteration intestinal disgust.

Blood on your hands can't wipe them clean.
Stained for a life heart black unseen.
Eyes empty filled with hate repulsion.
Breath of death you are without reprieve.
Insane spirituality living dissection burnt devotion mass distorter.
There can ve only one, only one.
Sick apathetic horde you swim in your own vomit.
You lie there and let them take control.
Apathy complacency it oozes from your soul.
What can you do let Jesus take control.
One two three go.

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