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​When The Canary Dies Run Like Fuck

This song is by Mesa Verde and appears on the album The Old Road (2008).

Hope once breathed
In the dreams that now keep you from sleep
The future is shaped by bad memories
And all you can see is what you lost
So more is lost each passing day
To a future shaped by your history

You remember that day
How hard you done fell
When the faith dried up
And all welcomed hell
And the black skies above did empty
You remember their faces
You remember their goodbyes
You remember what it was not to live a lie
And then their backs you saw them turning

Sometimes you'll feel
Like you're letting yourself down
Sometimes you'll feel
Like you held your tongue too long

But you'll see see in time
That your fire is still burning
And whatever mistakes you've made
Whatever wrongs you've been wronged
Can still be made right
You've earned your stripes
Don't give up on the hope

You reinvent yourself
You reinvent history
You reinvent the future