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​Substance Abuse

This song is by Mesa Verde and appears on the album Amor Fati (2006).

You always sound good
When the words coming from you
Are recited so clear
That you'd think they were new.
Rock your single portrait
For all it's worth
I've rocked mine too.
This is substance abuse,
Deny it,
Derive it.

Contrived words need explanations,
Forget about me
What does that say about you?
Confined to expectations,
Far be it from me
To teach you to dance.

You wanted to hear
But you're not listening,
So you put up the act
And hold us to task
Because the things we think
Don't matter to you
But when all is said and done,
You're just an army of one.
So shout your slogans
And we'll shout them with you
And sing your protest
And we'll play along.

Don't need to explain just do it,
We've heard just about enough.
You see only what you want to see,
You hear only what you want to hear.
How many words spoken
Have led to actions?
The noise hear is deafening.

This is substance abuse
Passed as the truth.

Broken records need fixing,
We're in this together.