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​No More Bad Future

This song is by Mesa Verde and appears on the album The Old Road (2008).

No more bad future
But the damage long since done
No love here
No warmth here
No fathers for the sons
The damaged stand by faithfully
While another bouquet laid
The street never smelt so sweet
For the athletes and their games

While the lawmen keep earning
Mothers are yearning
Their children are burning

The rest just keep on marching
Their battered hearts and busted minds
Desperately looking for veins
Tried to numb their hearts with the powder
But still they felt the pain
The pills bring in a new day
Bring in shelter from the war

No matter what they change
Before they come to play their games
They'll still see the tags with the names
On the flowers on their graves
These hard streets will never sleep
Can't force someone to make a change
When they have nothing left to save
They just don't get it