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​For The Tree That Fell

This song is by Mesa Verde and appears on the album The Old Road (2008).

Please, if you could,
For this tree uprooted in the wood
Send a note to the hearts
That hurt like hell should.
Send it to all who grieve
And make perfectly clear that it
May have fallen
But it's still here
May have fallen
But it's still breathing
Still stretching its leaves
To the crown canopy of the sun.

Tell them to still feel the rain.
Tell them to no longer fear the sun.
Tell them:
"Now that you've woken up
To that empty space you sought,
Realise time won't heal a god damned thing."

I'll take them by surprise
Might even paralyse
When the sun shines on them
And they no longer turn to ice.

It's time to dig up everything they lost
Because forgetting just isn't forgiving
And no matter how much it feels needed
There are just some things that can't be buried.
So find the map they invented drawn out with self-doubt
And dig till you reach the roots that they forgot existed.

Then tell them:
"Just know that even though you fell
And even though you lost face
Everything you stand for
Still stands today.
The roots make it this way.
They belong to you."