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Down The Old Road To Home

This song is by Merle Haggard and appears on the album Same Train, a Different Time (1969).

This song is a cover of "Down the Old Road to Home" by Jimmie Rodgers.
Dear, I'm thinking of you while here all alone
I'm wishing and longing for you and for home
And I'd give this old world if I could only say
I'm climbing that hill headed that way

With a troubled mind and a heart filled with pain
I've searched the old world for fortune and fame
But I'm longing to be with you once again
So we could stroll down old memory lane

There's a little red house on top of the hill
Not very far from an old syrup mill
For I'm lonesome and blue for some place to roam
And I wish it could be down the old road to home


Written by:

Jimmie Rodgers; Carey Harvey

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