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The Shore

This song is by Meressin and appears on the album Mask (1998).

Shores merge into horizons
My spiritless body can barely be seen
On a coast with some faint traces of life
Eventually slipping away like a dream

I was sure I had found what I locked for
That I had everything I needed to leave
I put my life on its knees before the Lord
And when he took out my heart, did I grieve

All the words I had heard were killing my soul
In silence I suffered them all
I was taught to believe in my weakness
But something interrupted that call

The shore, where I danced with my life strings
Choreographed by something much higher
I left all those others behind
Sinking, step by step, in the quagmire

Accepting an offer my dance ceased
I was given the scissors to cut
The strings that bound me to masters
That always kept the door shut

Away from the shore I became free
With a low price to pay to the Lord
What is a soul to a puppet
Why should I full on my sword

So look at me now, am I better
I am strong, I'm immortal, I'm black
The shore has its faults and its guilty ones
Why should I want to swim back

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