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One Little History (Trilogy)

This song is by Meressin and appears on the album Mask (1998).

1. Burn

To understand Adan, who locked strength for rejection
To coax spontaneous forces in the name of perfection
On the edge of an endless night, with the wailing wind
You were dancing the witches dance in whirlpools of shadow and light

Burn -
Your consciousness threaded by the Evil you earn
Burn in Hell
Forever in Hell

The wisdom and power of the Fallen Angel is yours
Follow the chosen ones through eternity's doors
And for those, who thought secret's black mantle can't pass
They will wait for a signal, from a Satanic mass
To be led by you, from the Abyss below stone
To worship our Lord, when he rules from his throne

Judgment day is approaching now
And the body is meaningless now
Awaiting it's sentence now
From the image of their dirty god's now
- Anna Cooper, do you admit your sin against the holy church and the almighty god
- No
- Do you acknowledge yourself as a witch and a collaborator with Lucifer
- Yes
- The holy inquisition pronounces it's verdict.
You are sentenced to die.
Your body will perish in the fire.
Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.

Creaking wheels, chained body tried by steel - the hour is night
The noise of the crowd like a last requiem - "Die witch, die witch, die"
You're ordained to taste the fire's hot breath and it's raging soud
Your soul will disappear, your body become smoke
And ashes to dissolve in the sky and the ground

2. Damnation/Ashes

There's no need for reality, no need for dreams
And there's no reason why day should turn into night
Black Crow - spread those wings of death
Bird of the winter - enslave their souls tonight

Oh Fire, my sister - I feel you
Oh Lord - I see the gates of your land
I believe - you won't have peace
Neither in the warmth of the sun, neither in the coffin's cold

3. Evil's Bell

From our world of Darkness, from the depths of the sea of sand
Out of the frozen Whirlpool and the bottomless Abyss in our land
We ride without form, returning thoughts without beginning, without end
Just an infinite wrath, just a song of revenge

Have you seen the mist, crawling over the water's waves
Did you notice strange shadows, that we, your fear gave
Can't you hear the sound of wolves, a howling full moon choir
They rejoice at our return, as we put you on trial by fire

The power of five pointed spells
Gives us strength to rule from hell
Fulfilling will, come that may
A coursed hour is on the way
This curses' fire exists within
We are death and sin

Evil's Bell announces, the strike up of your torment
Burnt churches ashes fly around, they force the daylight dormant
Evil's Bell insists upon sacrificial vengeance
The burnt witches ' souls are with us now, they cannot seek repentance

Now, when the famous song was sung
And a sacrifice was offered in the name of staying young
Anna Cooper, are you happy coming home - Yes Master
With the power of new body and blood, continue your song to the Lord on his throne

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