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In The Shadows Of The Bloody Sunset

This song is by Meressin and appears on the album Mask (1998).

Sacrificing aura to the screaming storm
In the shadow of the bloody sunset
I toast my darker, greater form

I've an image upon my mind of a goblet
Which could set all my darker feelings free
Pain is clear of emotions
It cracks the chain conducting a desperate symphony

Pain is my ruler screaming its call
Wine from the altar is feeding my fall
Subconscious operation on a mind without care
As I do what the sun wouldn't dare

Would you prefer if my eyes were forever reading
Cruel diaries, mourning unattainable worlds
Tomorrow is a wall of experience
Can I quality now for its pearls

Again and again hunt for culprits
Fantasize upon malicious norms
But I live in the shadow of bloody sunset
Toasting darker, greater forms

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