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Armagedon's March

This song is by Meressin and appears on the album Mask (1998).

Called up by rituals and black arts
The gods of the abyss revive in the light of day
They are angry and remorseless, these rulers from the depths
The wolf inside awakens and comes out to play

Armagedon - our last battle
Shadows and fire are roaming in our eyes
Armagedon - a war for which we prayed
We hear soldiers, marching in the skies

Demons of Abadon lead their minions beyond the sunset
Cursing the last remains of Apollo's funeral prior
The slyness of Astarot, conives untamed
Meressin is raging amongst the water, wind and fire
Searching for the bloody foot of Megids hill, it is found
The swords of Lucipher have a long nights work - they will not tire

On the crossroads of heaven and the earth
Where night and day must go their separate ways
The fiercest fight of good and evil titans will occur
After the Antichrists triumph, what will be left to say

The eyes of a cat - they shine in the dark
The wings of a crow - are flying
The cunning of a rat - it waits disappointed
The instincts of a wolf - are for fighting

Forget about love - it's just an illusion
Let fear disappear - and anger rise inside
Follow Lucipher's sword into battle
For a final, glorious ride

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