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A Sketch Of My Distorted Soul

This song is by Meressin and appears on the album Mask (1998).

Someone wished to touch something
That's never destroyed by time
Someone reached into my soul
A chained bird that should only be mine

A deadly quilt is sketching out, the way I will have left
By the time I know my fate, the hopeless hand is dealt

Searching for an answer, amongst kingdoms of despair
I learn there is no justice, and white birds are so rare
As anger thaws my evil, a black raven calls my name
If you want to find your picture, you'll find it in the flame

I took this thought and wrapped it, within my lover's hair

Her scalp was burnt to darkness
But the picture wasn't there
A martyr to imagination - Did I misunderstand?
But a beast cannot be cryptic, it twisted round my hand

Upon my scalded palm I saw
The sketch of a destorted soul
Dancing across my fingers
Sculpturing my goal

But the guilt has found a Master
We no longer fight a duel
The fire has lit the picture
But I am now it's fuel

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