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​Anxiety's Door

This song is by Merchandise.

Some things I never really dared
I want to see that night you
I dreamed the perfume yeah
With no chains on my heart it's so easy to be free,
In the city that I love you
Old man sleep in the room next to me.
I didn't the charge, yeah, I didn't run,
And I'll teach you that my father of all get out of me.

I feel the red, yeah that brings me shake to the... on my lips
By someone as they...

You could have it all, dear
Of the... cold,
And we don't know, yeah.
Don't think you could disappear, no
When the time comes, yeah way.

Wear the dust from the earth back in my rooms,
I know my body is from here,
I feel my blood who run cold,
Somewhere there's a perfect country it's right by the sea
When the sun comes out shines to talk to me, ...

I know your age yeah, I watch you grow,
Catch you what you are today and tomorrow and...
I have your word you know
...Back you in the present
Where the... oh no, no.

You could have it all, dear
What the people...
When we talk that way, yeah
You don't think you could disappear, no
When the children come, yeah

I know it's a dirty road
No one tells me when laughing with the... way
...Next to kill, no
To the... sleep again i
Anxiety door, yeah.

Anxiety door.
This is it!

You're the only one now
You're the only one now
You're the only one, sleep so ran the cold,
You're the only one now that say so much I...
You're the only one now, who sleeps out in the cold

You're the only one now. x 11
You're the only one.-->