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Age Of Nothing

This song is by Mephisto Walz and appears on the album Immersion (1998).

Tear, down, the walls that ever hold you
Find, ground, and crawl into a hole
Lost, found, only thing you've never sold
Dive, down, and do what you've been told
This is the age of nothing
This is the end of something
This is the age of nothing
This is the start of something
World, round, it turns you upside down
Stoned, drowned, when it grinds you to the ground
Shout, sound, your voice goes round and round
Beat, pound, with the chains that hold you down
Heels, down, as they push you to the edge
Feel, crowned, you'd sooner off be dead
Lie, down, and stare into your bed
Tears, frown, it's all inside your head

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