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This song is by Mental Demise and appears on the album Final Step To Future Madness (2009).


Arhythmically pulsatory modern, rippling life,
Hyperthropic growth of material well-being

Demoralization, mental degradation
Loss of inner world
People are locked in exclusive narrow circles

Of primitive needs imposed by mass media.

Weaken by the cataclysm in policy
Association pitching to beginning forms
Pitching to beginning forms of social evolution

Orange flags cover the cloudy sky.
Bigoted, interests...

Spirit does rot
'Cause conscience is sold
Feelings are bought,
It's nothing else to sell
Friendship's replaced by cupidity,
Ideas make the way for greediness,

And I'm afraid!
What wrong I did?
To be despised by people
I exist with?!

What wrong we did?
It's Sociocollapsus!

Unjustified spite,
Obscure common sense!

Spirit does rot,
Feelings are bought,
Unjustified spite,
Filled inner world

Find the strength to withstand it!

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