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House Of Chthon

This song is by Mental Demise and appears on the album Final Step To Future Madness (2009).

Steel-blue sky, clouds are over my head
Cold rain as girl who's drop bitter tears
Under black slam disfigured, suffering mind
Young boiling blood

Who want me to come?
Who needs new fresh meat?

Break into blossom
Green foul, water
Flame lava rivers
Basalt wals
Acid lakes
I see in torch shimmer

I never seek
Perfidious yeasty road
Lunatic god is a scoff,
Plays bloody tricks
My life plaything for him!
Malicious joke!

Here I come to the castle of death
Without compassion and fear
I stay at the doors to the house of Chthon
And all what I need it's just kill

Just kill!
Eyeless corpses, dragon monsters
Bloody madness, soaker sadness

Just kill!
Faceless spirits, heartless hundreds,
Ruthless daemons, bear malice.

I firmly hold my heavy axe!
I chop lifeless rised from the dead!

Unholy Inhuman dark fantasy world,
Black magic interlaces with science.
Unreal devices have mission to kill
Washed out reality! Malice!

What kind of malicious beast
Build unholy house of Chthon?

Volition, intellect, confidence.

Step by step I descend deeply down.
Overcome obstacles. Open way to the hell
I'm your death! Wait for me. Soon I'll come!
Old rusty axe 's last thing you will see in your life

Red mascot.
Shambler claws on the lace.
Magic vault.
Boiling blood, emptiness, suffering.

Steel-blue sky, thunderclouds, gusty wind.
Cold rain as a weeping girl
Who drop pure bitter tears
Under black slam's my perfected mind
Somebody who believes - deserves the victory!
I will win!

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