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There Will Be Blood

This song is by Menace Ruine and appears on the album Union Of Irreconcilables (2010).

Your sword drawn
Glorious and humble
There will be blood
There will be love
From rotten bodies
New life will grow
Our knowledge dissolved
And fixed into one and holy goal
A new cornerstone
The white light is born now
There will be blood

We sorely bore
The weight of our soul
The one we avoided
Was endlessly close
The mirror broke
At our selves exposed
Our Wholeness resoldered
The higher and lower halves
Torn asunder no more
There is no love
That shed any blood

The union of irreconcilables
Life and death arose
In the purest form
A light clothed by a watery body
This fire does not burn
And salt is no longer bitter
All is only as one
There will be blood
There will be love

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