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Nothing Above Or Below

This song is by Menace Ruine and appears on the album Union Of Irreconcilables (2010).

Marry and unify
The earth and the sky
Fix the volatile
Enclosed in the waters
Not yet divided
Into a matter so durable
And to the fire unassailable

Pierce me with your scythe
So that I could rise
And fly without wings
In the warmth of the lightest star
Where beauty is alive
We won't dare to hide
Keep the fire alight
I won't burn

The black flame is in sight
Must I ring the chime?
If summits are the way out
I'll do all that I possibly can
To bring you there and bright
We will set and rise
But if the Word is a lie
We will burst...

We levitate so slow
Among the birds of God
We levitate so slow
Along the expanse of the vault
We saw the gates wide open
And neither a heaven above
Nor an earth below

The universe enclosed
We are inhabited by the void
Deliver us from hope
There's nothing out there
Nothing above or below