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Selling My Pork Chops

This song is by Memphis Minnie and appears on the compilation album Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order 1935-1941, Volume 1 (1991) and on the compilation album Queen Of Country Blues (2005).

I met a man the other day
"What you write?" he say,
"Is you the lady givin' that gravy away?
"If it is I will be back today."
You can come and get some, but you can't stay long
I got two men I got to be waitin' on

I'm selling my pork chops
But I'm giving my gravy away
Don't mean maybe
I'm giving my gravy away

I'm selling my pork chops...

Boys, I've been selling good now for two-three days
Some of this stuff I sure got to give away

I'm selling my pork chops...

Up this morning, I see a man at my back door
He'd been there all night trying to get some more

I'm selling my pork chops...

I know a man he name of Caneal
If you don't give some I bet you'll catch him steal [not at all sure about this line]

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