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This song is by Melvins and appears on the album Ozma / Gluey Porch Treatments (1989) and on the album Ozma (1989).

Your vile sawed in half
Exudes a demigogic school
And your little bit of dropper down
It lows and reaches up...
And I pray, and I pray
And slowly rise upon my knees
And praise the little bit of dropper down
That hardens in me

I'm wishin I could feel but I know
I know it's bigger
'Cause I know even though my pride's growin'
I could fall
Take it through the eyes like men
Your scared of what could come
'Cause I know my only pain comes through the eye
Through the eye

Wishing that I could feel it but I know
You can take yours
'Cause I know it's a runaround like a chump
(Inaudible gibberish)

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