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Over From Under The Excrement

This song is by Melvins and appears on the album Gluey Porch Treatments (1987) and on the album Ozma / Gluey Porch Treatments (1989).

As it was

Twist, you're holy opposition twist
The twisted parts and pieces, this
I guess you'd better think it God
You knew that, easy as it was.

Come on, give me somethin' special
Somethin' I need
Drain vagina circle
Lay low, never prove your power
Say so, so I can hear your words

Peel the skin away from my eyes
And look in.
See all the things that you put away
But you are inside.

Listen to me,
'Cause I can hardly exist
Without your little pussy
Give me holy water
I know that you will let me know.
Ah, Ah-oh-ah, Ah-oh-Ah, Ah-oh... Ah.

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