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This song is by Melon Diesel and appears on the album La Cuesta De Mister Bond (1999).

A fortune in memories,
Letters I've kept to read,
But now I've lost it all.
I wasn't so sure if the sun
Would come up again,
I still feel alone.
Now I can retrace the time
Spent in the playground that
Changed our world.
A place that forever
Will always remain the sane,
But never lost.
And it was you, a sentimental you,
Who opened my mind, to slowly fade away.

Marlisse, it's not late, come back to me,
'Cause all was so perfect then.

I'll remember picture dreams,
Where we're acting wannabees.
We laughed alone.
I've chased through my mind in ways,
I've never replaced the days, we felt so warm.
You, my soul inspiration,
In songs that I wrote for you.
You're still the star in all.
Now everything's changing,
I'd spent life pretending that
You'd never go.

I will chase you, I will find you.
I hope I can catch you
And slowly change my life again