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This song is by Megan Joy and appears on the album Megan Joy (2012).

Well baby you know I
I got my heart wrapped up in you
I'm counting down moments
Till I'm missing you
'Cause I know you're leaving
Oh I can tell you're already gone
And I'm right here waiting
Longing for you
And I know you've got a lot on your mind
But you're the only thing that's on mine
I need the love I'm used to
I'm longing for you, but not long enough

I should know better
I've been standing here
Blinded by your charm
But I do know better
This feeling is wrong
And I'm here to tell ya
This time things are going down my way
You're using my love and you don't give enough
I refuse to play these games
And I obviously see something in you
And I'm struggling to break through to the best part of you
I'm longing for you

And I'd give everything
If you'd give anything
I'm strong enough to break
If you don't want to stay but you'll miss my everything
It's either one of two ways
You can either stay or get the hell away
Longing for you