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Shot Forth Self Living (1992)Edit

Medicine - Shot Forth Self Living
Shot Forth Self Living
  1. One More
  2. Aruca
  3. Defective
  4. A Short Happy Life
  5. 5ive
  6. Sweet Explosion
  7. Queen Of Tension
  8. Miss Drugstore
  9. Christmas Song

The Buried Life (1993)Edit

Medicine - The Buried Life
The Buried Life
  1. The Pink
  2. Babydoll
  3. Slut
  4. She Knows Everything
  5. Something Goes Wrong
  6. Never Click
  7. Fried Awake
  8. Beneath The Sands
  9. Emmeline
  10. I Hear
  11. Live It Down
  12. The Earth Is Soft And White

Her Highness (1995)Edit

Medicine - Her Highness
Her Highness
  1. All Good Things
  2. Wash Me Out
  3. Candy Candy
  4. I Feel Nothing At All
  5. A Fractured Smile
  6. Farther Dub
  7. Farther Down
  8. Aarhus
  9. Seen The Light Alone
  10. Heads

The Mechanical Forces Of Love (2003)Edit

Medicine - The Mechanical Forces Of Love
The Mechanical Forces Of Love
  1. As You Do
  2. I Smile To My Eyes
  3. Wet On Wet
  4. Best Future
  5. Ioi
  6. I'm Yrs
  7. Astral Gravy
  8. Good For Me
  9. Negative Capability
  10. Whiz
  11. Sodden Rockets
  12. And Sometime Y

To The Happy Few (2013)Edit

Medicine - To The Happy Few
To The Happy Few
  1. Long As The Sun
  2. It's Not Enough
  3. Burn It
  4. Holy Crimes
  5. The End Of The Line
  6. Butterfly's Out Tonight
  7. All You Need To Know
  8. Find Me Always
  9. Pull The Trigger
  10. Daylight

Home Everywhere (2014)Edit

Medicine - Home Everywhere
Home Everywhere
  1. The Reclaimed Girls
  2. Turning
  3. Move Along - Down The Road
  4. Don't Be Slow
  5. Cold Life
  6. They Will Not Die
  7. It's All About You
  8. The People
  9. Home Everywhere

Other ReleasesEdit

  1. 'Til I Die from Never Click (1993)
  2. Time Baby III from Time Baby 3 (1994)

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