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This song is by Medical Mission Sisters and appears on the album Joy Is Like The Rain (1966).

There was a man in Jericho called Zaccheus.
There was a man in Jericho called Zaccheus.
Now the Hebrews, they were tall, but Zaccheus, he was small,
Yet the Lord loved Zaccheus, better than them all.

The Lord went walking one day through Jericho town,
And the people began to gather from miles around.
But Zaccheus, he couldn't see, so he climbed a Sycamore tree,
And the Lord looked up and said, "Zaccheus, come down."

The Lord said, "Zaccheus, I am dining with you today.
Zaccheus, I come to your house, come lead the way."
Then, Zaccheus, he gave a cheer, but the people began to sneer,
"This man is a sinner, does the Lord seek lodging here?"

Now Zaccheus was small of stature, but he could show,
That a man who is stout of heart can grow and grow.
"If I have cheated young and old, I restore the goods four fold."
And salvation came that day to his whole household.

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