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Tutivillus, The Devil

This song is by Mediæval Bæbes.

Tutivillus, the devil of hell,
He writeth har names, sothe to tell,
Ad missam garulantes.

Better wer be at home for ay
Than her to serve the Devil to pay,
Sic vana famulantes.

Thes women that sitteth the church about,
Thay beth all of the Develis rowte,
Divina impedientes

Nut thay be still he wil hem quell
With kene crokes draw hem to hell
Ad puteum autem flentes

For his love that you der boght
Hold you still and jangle noght
Sed repece deponentes

The bliss of Heven than may ye win
God bring us all to his in
'Amen, Amen,' dicentes

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