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Swete Jhesu, King of Blisse

This song is by Mediæval Bæbes and appears on the album Illumination (2009).

Jhesu my god Jhesu my kyng
Jhesu my lyf Jhesu my lyht

Swete Jhesu king of blysse
Min herte love min herte lisse
Thou art swete mid y-wisse
Wo is him that thee shal misse

Swete Jhesu my souke bote
In min herte thou sette a rote
Of thy love that is so swote
And wite hit that hit springe mote

Jhesu thi love wes ous so fre
That we from hevene brohten the
For love thou deore bohtest me
For love thou hong on rode tre

Swete Jhesu min herte light
Thou art dai withouten night
Thou yeve me strengthe and eke might
For to loven thee al right

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