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Jennet's Song

This song is by Mediæval Bæbes and appears on the album The Huntress (2012).

Now the light is wearing thin
(Bless the day, bless the day)
And the night is drawing in
(Lay to rest your yesterday)
Their voices start to scare me (Demdike
And Chattox and Device and Redfearne and
Bullock and Hewitt and Nutter and Preston,
Incarcerated outside Clitheroe Castle)
I look around but nobody's there

Now the stone tower stands there still
(Mist and darkness descend around us)
On the slopes of Pendle Hill
(Hunt us down dear, you must denounce us)
Their footsteps creep in closer
I turn around and there they are

Elizabeth: Slide, glide, to the light, dear,
To the light
Chattox: Three biters hast thou bitten,
The hart, ill eye, ill tongue; a God's name,
In worship...

Alice: Made of clay, for what gain?
Demdike: My mother is a witch. My mother
Told me they were all witches. You had
On the prettiest dress. You sat next to
Me... My mother is a witch. I have seen
Her spirit in the likeness of a dog. They
Were all witches. He has been a witch
For three years. I have seen his spirit kill
Three people. You had on the prettiest
Dress. You sat next to me... You had on
The prettiest dress.
Elizabeth: To the light...

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