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This song is by Mediæval Bæbes and appears on the album Miracle (2009).

By the moon-queen's mystic light
By the hush of holy night
By the woodland deep and green
By the starlight's silver sheen
By the zephyr's whisper'd spell
Brooding powers invisible
Faerie court and elfin throng
Unto whom the groves belong

And by laws of ancient date
Found in scrolls of faerie fate
Stream and fount are dedicate
Wheresoe'er your feet today
Far from haunts of men may stray
We adjure you stay no more
Exiles on an alien shore
But with spells of magic birth
Once again make glad the earth

Here in glade and dingle sweet
Ye may find a snug retreat
Can ye wish for softer bed
Than the moss that here is spread?
Here the mavis' voice is heard
Every late and early bird
Many a tendril's slender string
Here is fit for fairy swing

Purling brooks and founts that play
Make sweet music night and day
In the lakes that stedfast lie
Under heaven's eternal eye
The blown lilies waiting float
Each will serve as elfin boat
Tender as a harper's string
Is the low wind's lute-playing
Never do the evening dews
Nectar to the flowers refuse
Who shall find a fairer spot?
Linger fairies linger not

Still the woods are dark and lonely
There the throstle calleth only
There alone the throstle calleth
As the silent twilight falleth
All the magic spells are broken
All the ancient charms unspoken
Who to human tongues shall teach
That forgotten fairy speech
By whose aid the world of old
Did with nature commune hold?
'Tis the pride of human hearts
Whence the gentle fay departs
Ye who now their loss deplore
Ye who would their reign restore
Know that fervent faith and worth
Elfin blessings bring to earth
Purest thoughts are brightest chrism
In the mystical baptism

Which to those elected duly
Lifts the veil revealing truly
Elfin worlds in 'rapt clairvoyance
Elfin marvels elfin joyancc
Elfin vistas elfin vision
Elfin voices dreams elysian
Fay-built isles and seas that be
Glamour all and gramarye
Where shall point the elfin wing?
Worlds of pure imagining
Then where virtue rules the heart
Thence the fairies rie'er depart

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