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As I Lay Upon a Night

This song is by Mediæval Bæbes and appears on the album Devotion (2012).

Lullay lullay la lullay
My dere moder lullay

As i lay upon a night
Alone in my longing
Me thought i saw a wonder sight
A maiden child rocking

The maiden wolde withouten song
Hir child asleep bringe
The childe thoughte she ded him wrong
And bad his moder singe

"Sing now moder" seide that child
"What me shalle befalle
Hereafter whan i cum to eld
So don modres alle

"Swete moder fair and fre
Sithen that it is so
I preye thee that thu lulle me
And sing sumwhat therto"

"Swete son" seide she
"Wherof sgud i singe?
Wist i nevere yet more of thee
But gabriele's greetinge"

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