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When We Go, We Go Together

This song is by Mechanical Cabaret and appears on the album We Have An Agenda (2002).

The things I do for you,
Are the things you do for me
I get so angry for you
For the hand that fate has dealt you
But I won't let that get in your way
I won't let that get in your way
I won't let them get in your way
If they do then I'll make them pay

I knew that life was hard
And that we sometimes pull bad cards
But nothing could prepare me
For what was coming
Together but apart
I knew it from the start
That only you could save me from myself

When you choose to give
You give it all away
For you I'm always here
Just like Luke and Leia
So, when we go we go together

You're an incandescent star
A neon ultra-nova
You're the realest living soul
Who deserves the whole world
We'll go and live in Berlin someday
Move away from all of the pain
End our lives with crack and opium
But until then you'll see
We'll show them

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